America Is Lost

September 25, 2008 at 4:26 am (1, personal, Politics, thoughts)

America has become a nation of pussies. This country was created through struggle. Our forefathers fought for freedom and with threat of bayonets and bullets they continued to fight on. The Civil Rights movement was hard but thousands continued to march in the streets and fight through hoses full of scalding hot water. The common theme was to show that the powerless was more powerful than the power brokers if they were just united and firm. That change is possible, but the struggle to achieve it is great. Women fought for their right to vote. African Americans fought for their right to be free. The poor is still fighting for it’s right to live.

Our forefathers would not allow this tyranny to continue without a swift and resound response. They wouldn’t allow the rich to continue their assault on the poor and than turn to the government for help when the poor can no longer bleed. They would fight back against those who believe a wealthy few are more important than a struggling majority. Those who send our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers to fight in their wars so they can obtain an oil contract. They would fight back.

Today we are provided with enough entertainment vices that we are content with letting it happen. We allow the same politicians to serve in office because we are too lazy to make a difference by standing in a line. We care more about the number of MySpace Friends than our neighbors who have lost everything because of greed. We allow it to happen because we just don’t care and World of Warcraft provides more stimulation.

The Idea that is America is dying, and we refuse to do something about it. Our forefathers and the millions who fought for Civil Rights shouldn’t have bothered. What they fought for died long ago and this America isn’t worth saving!

Tomorrow I’m going to work and will conform like you, because like you I’m too scared to be the first person to act.


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Community Organizers

September 5, 2008 at 4:16 am (personal, Politics, Steps, thoughts)

When Republicans left thousands to rot in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Community Organizers cleaned it up.

When Republicans deregulated the energy markets, leaving thousands of families in the dark, Community Organizers cleaned it up.

When Republicans cut funding to programs that feed and shelter the poort, Community Organizers stepped up.

It is time to show Republicans that Community Organizers are proud “Americans” who put their “Country First” by “Serving” their communities.

Stand up, don’t allow Republicans to demonize Community Organizing!


I urge you to visit

to show your support!

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Redirection, We Need Obama

September 5, 2008 at 4:02 am (1, personal, Politics, Steps, thoughts)

So I haven’t really wrote in this blog for months and the last time I wrote I vowed not to support Barack Obama. I said that because I thought that as a proud supporter of Hillary Clinton at that time. Things changed. I am now an avid supporter of Senator Barack Obama and will vote for him in November. I will smile while I vote for Obama and I will cheer a little afterwards.

Thanks to Governor Palin for opening my eyes. You see I supported Obama before her speech at the Republican National Convention but she sealed it. How?

You see Republicans like to win elections by playing the culture war.

If you are straight, hate gays.

If you are a Christian, hate Muslims and Jews.

If you are black, hate whites.

But the target of their hatred now is…. Community Organizer! The evil Liberal Community Organizers who help feed the hungry and keep the lights on for impoverished people. These people have no real responsibilities!

Sarah Palin, thank you, for opening my eyes to the true evil of this election. Americans it is time to start hating the Community Organizing Left!

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Boring Life

November 10, 2007 at 12:18 am (personal, sports, thoughts)

So I really haven’t wrote anything in such a long time. The truth is I really have nothing to say. I go to work, play Warcaft, sleep, rinse and repeat. I did faceplant after taking a shower the other night.

Other than that life is boring… sorry :p

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Bathroom Signs

August 30, 2007 at 5:03 am (Politics)

The big news at work this week is the bathroom sex scandal involving Republican Senator Larry Craig.

Now the thing is Senator Craig has been a very outspoken anti-gay lawmaker. Many of his notable votes have been for the Federal Marriage Amendment and against a cloture in 2002 that would have extended the definition of hate crimes to include sexual orientation.

 I also found a funny clip of Craig making comments against former President Bill Clinton…

I think he enjoyed that too much..

I think we are only now enjoying how hypocritical some of Clinton’s most outspoken critics during the sex scandal really are…

Senator Larry Craig – is not gay, hates gays but loves head in the men’s bathroom.

Senator David Vitter – who has been a customer of numerous brothels.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich – who has admitted now that he had an affair during the time he pushed for Clinton’s impeachment.

 Ted Haggard – loves to have sex with male prostitutes and smoke meth.

Mark Foley – REALLY loves Congressional Pages.

So the key word of today is Hypocrisy…. Republicans really need to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

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Orioles Update

August 30, 2007 at 4:50 am (sports)

They suck…. 😦

 Now taking applications for a team that shows fans that it wants to win!

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August 24, 2007 at 1:28 am (music, NeAtO)

Started looking for some awesome music videos and came across a couple goodies

Presidents of The Unites States of America – Peaches 

Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London

Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons – December, 1963 Oh What A Night (one of my dad’s favorite bands)

 Interpol – Evil (have had this song in my head for the past two weeks…. doesn’t help that it has a creepy puppet)

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30, 3, Life and Stuff

August 23, 2007 at 7:14 pm (personal, sports, Steps)

Disclaimer: This post may contain bad language, unethical remarks and a reference to how much I hate Canada….. So please read at your own risk.

First off: F@#K Peter Angelos….

Well I haven’t published much on this blog lately because my life has been really uneventful and well I just haven’t felt like it. Today is just one of those days where I needed to vent.

 As I have posted I am an Orioles fan. I was born in Baltimore and bleed orange and black when my cuts are infected anyways. I use to cry as a kid when Baltimore would lose but if I did that now I would have to explain to the rental office how my apartment remains flooded. Now I just sit back and complain…. ALOT!

 I was getting pretty angry at the whole Matt Wieters fiasco but the Orioles resolved it and I decided against killing myself and sending the video to Peter Angelos’s office. I may just do it anyways today.

Yesterday afternoon I read an article that says the Orioles decided to give Dave Trembley the coaching job next year…. I thought this was premature. I figured the team may want to interview a few candidates at the end of the year and then make a decision. Obviously in the short time he has been manager the team has played better. I just don’t think he “Deserved” the job right away.

Look at the previous managers.

 Lee Mazzilli, I actually think he did well and should’ve been given a better chance. When the Orioles were healthy we were winning. The problem was injuries and well he got fired.

Sam Perlozzo was given the job midway through the 2005 season because he “deserved” it. Before even evaluating at the end of the season how well he did(and he didn’t do great) they gave him the job for 2006… Perlozzo was fired in the middle of the season this year.

 Joe Girardi turned the job down(can’t blame him).

 Dave Trembley was given the job on an interim basis and hasn’t done really bad up until yesterday. He still hasn’t proved that he should be given the job full time but maybe I’m just cynical because his minor league record of 1369-1413 in twenty years. The orioles should’ve waited till the end of the season.

So now onto yesterday’s double header… The orioles lost the first game 30 to 3 and the second one 9 to 7(figured they would lose it because of momentum). Tell me why Trembley didn’t have a pitcher plunk one of the Texas batters at 20-3??? Where the hell is your balls? I know people say that is bad sportsmanship but you wonder why a baseball team hasn’t scored thirty runs in 100 years?? because the other team would plunk a batter. Doesn’t have to be hurtful or injure the player… just send a message…. Was it good sportsmanship for them to continue to run up the score when the game was well in hand? It was in bad taste for them to continue to play as they did and Trembley had a chance to send a message and he didn’t.

 To make matters worse, my job is to watch the news…. EVERY(even political and financial) show had to discuss the game. I’m glad my blood pressure hasn’t been checked today…. I would probably end up in the hospital.

I decided to start wearing a paper bag over my head when I identify myself as an Orioles fan. I also didn’t cut out any holes in the bag because I’m hoping I suffocate…(yes I have always been this hardcore :p )

And the only reason I hate Canada today is…. Erik Bedard can’t pitch every single game for the Orioles.


 Other then that life is good!

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Weekend = Monotony = Step 3

August 6, 2007 at 2:46 am (Steps)

The weekend has ended and I can’t say i’m sad to see it go. If I would have done anything interesting I might be complaining but this weekend was BORING… I had every intention on cleaning up this weekend and well besides from my bathroom I failed to motivate myself enough. I had hoped to see my sister Sandy and my nieces today but that didn’t work out. My sister Misty has been released from the hospital and besides from battling dehydration she is doing well.

I watched this series “Fallen” this weekend and am unimpressed. It was really stupid but I found myself glued to the television. It was either watch t.v. or play World of Warcraft and to tell you the truth I’m tired of WoW. I had the opportunity to go race Go-Karts so really my bored is my own fault. I just didn’t want to spend too much money this weekend.

I’m not really looking forward to work tomorrow but atleast for a few hours I will have something to do. I miss my teenage years. I admit it I was a bad kid. I enjoyed drugs, car surfing and other activities that I left behind when I decided to clean up my act. I’m a boring person now. I talked to my friend Bear for the first time in awhile and when I told him I wasn’t dating anyone he seemed shocked. I’m tired of relationships at the moment and will be for some time. I have my reasons! I doubt I will ever date another girl who tells me “I have issues with my father.” That was a bad experience in the end. I will admit some part of me wishes I never left “the one” behind but I felt like I did what was best for me and her. Oh well a court case really wakes you up. Just don’t ever go to court with steel toed boots on! Setting off the metal detectors is fun but when you have a cranky deputy it can be one hell of an experience.

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University of Texas Study On Sex

August 2, 2007 at 12:48 am (NeAtO)

The University of Texas has commissioned a study to determine why men and women have sex. The top two reasons were….

1. Because they were attracted to each other..

2. Because it felt good…

 Um excuse me how much money did you spend on this? You can do this study for free or atleast the price of a pen and paper. Ask a bunch of college students and I’m sure you will get honest answers. When it comes to sex, men are usually honest. The lies come before sex… you know to set things up. Then we are pretty truthful during and after, unless we are wanting more sex.

My problem is that this is common knowledge… why do you need to even ask?

I want to conduct a study on how much money is wasted on useless studies that A) Are common knowledge or B) Have no reason to be studied.

 On the other hand… did you know 2000 coconuts can have the same effect as viagra? Now that must have been a fun study.

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